Marchman Act For Spouses

Is your spouse suffering from drug or alcohol abuse?

The Florida Marchman Act Law may be able to help you to get your spouse the help that they need. Florida Marchman Act Attorney, Michael RabideauAddiction is devastating to the entire family. Do not lose hope, you may be able to obtain help for your spouse.

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When you’re married to anyone suffering from addiction, the struggle to get them healthy and well seems never-ending. They can be steadfast in that, “this, that, and the third” have to line up before they are willing to get help. If they acknowledge that there is even an issue.  The problem is that often, those list items rarely line up and they never get help. Families fall apart and lives are changed. The Marchman Act may be the best option for you.

What Is The Marchman Act?

The Hal S. Marchman Alcohol and Other Drug Services Act of 1993 (aka The Marchman Act) is a Florida Law that affords both voluntary and involuntary assessments and treatment of an individual who is suspected or alleged to suffer from alcohol or drug abuse. Also known as The Marchman Act for short.   

Don’t Give Up

You may feel that you have hit a roadblock and you’re ready to give up. You may not know where else to turn or what else to do to help your spouse as they are swallowed by their addiction.  You likely feel that you have exhausted every conversation and tool within your means– and there is nothing else that you can do. But don’t give up. You and your family may benefit from speaking with Michael Rabideau about how The Marchman Act can help you and begin the process of filing a Marchman Act Petition. The Marchman Act allows for you to file a petition as the spouse whereby the court can order that your spouse is mandated to go to drug or alcohol treatment for 90 days. Michael Rabideau can help you file this petition.

Rather than facing a lifetime and cycle of drug or alcohol abuse, along with the stress and heartache that accompany such a journey, find out if a Marchman Act petition can help you. This is a critical time with a short window in which you may be able to benefit from programs and services available to your spouse that may allow your spouse to get the help that they need.

Michael Rabideau helps families like yours every day throughout Florida to exercise their rights through The Marchman Act. Get confidential and compassionate care and guidance by contacting our office today for immediate help.


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