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If you are accused of murder or under investigation it is imperative that you seek the help of an expert criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

West Palm Beach, Murder ChargesMurder charges are the most serious in the criminal justice system.  If found guilty you will be subject to minimum sentencing guidelines and penalties that can include up to life in prison or even the death sentence.

Self Defense

The circumstances surrounding the victim’s death play a great deal on your defense.  If you were in a situation where the victim had been attacking you then you might have a justifiable cause to use deadly force to protect your own self.

In addition, if you were protecting another individual you may have had the right to use deadly force.

If someone is committing a felony within your dwelling you may have had the right to use justifiable deadly force.

Sometimes accidents can lead to a homicide that is excusable.  The homicide might be excusable if someone dies under these following circumstances:

  • With extreme provocation
  • Not in a cruel or unusual manner
  • Without unlawful intent
  • Without the use of deadly weapons
  • In the heat of passion

Defending murder cases are some of the most complex cases an attorney can face.  It is imperative that you choose the right attorney to represent you.

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