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Child Abuse in West Palm Beach, FL

Have you been arrested, charged, or accused of child abuse?

Child abuse charges are undoubtedly one of the most serious charges a person may face.  These charges can lead to serious consequences, including significant prison time, life on probation, and possible mandatory registration as a sex offender.

You may not be allowed contact with children including your own and you may be limited as to where you can live and where you can work.

If you believe you are suspected of any of these crimes or if you have already been charged you need to contact a child abuse attorney immediately.

Child Neglect In West Palm Beach or Wellington, FL

Child neglect charges may occur when someone knowingly allows child abuse to take place by another person.  Neglect charges may also occur if a caregiver fails to maintain a child’s physical or mental health.

Child neglect convictions include penalties of up to:

  • Five years in prison
  • Five years of probation
  • $5000 fine

A child is defined as any person under the age of 18.  A caregiver is defined as a parent, adult household member, or other people responsible for the child’s welfare.

If you have been accused of child neglect it is imperative that you seek out the help of an experienced attorney.  Michael T. Rabideau is a dedicated criminal defense attorney who has handled all kinds of criminal accusations including clients facing child neglect charges.

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