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Being arrested as a juvenile can be a life-altering event for both the child being arrested and the child’s parents. The most common types of juvenile crimes involve drugs, underage drinking, theft, or violence.

Juveniles convicted of drug offenses face many problems which can haunt them for life, including:

  • negatively affecting future employment
  • potential academic qualification problems
  • ineligibility to have your record sealed
  • mandatory two (2) year driver’s license suspension.

Juveniles Can Be Charged As Adults

While marijuana possession may seem like a simple crime, juveniles charged with possession of marijuana are typically charged as adults.  This means they will face their charges in adult court and will be subject to the same penalties as an adult.

Michael T. Rabideau is here to help you in this difficult process.  He understands the stress you and your child are facing.

Get Juvenile Criminal Defense Help

When a child is charged as an adult it is especially helpful to have a great defense attorney on your site.  The attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor and get the charges lowered.  And in some cases, he may even be able to get the charges dropped and wiped from the record.

Michael T. Rabideau is a dedicated criminal defense attorney.  To schedule a free consultation with Michael, call his office today:  (561) 820-4848


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