Manslaughter is the killing of another human being without premeditation or malice.

Voluntary Manslaughter In Palm Beach County

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Voluntary Manslaughter covers acts that occur in the heat of a moment.  These acts are considered to have occurred without a premeditated state to kill.

An example could be a spouse who finds their loved one in bed with another person and instantly attacks either person resulting in a death.  This act might not qualify as murder but are also not legally justified.

Involuntary manslaughter occurs when negligence by the accused leads to the death of another individual.  Vehicular manslaughter is one of the most common involuntary manslaughter charges.

Driver Caused Deaths In Palm Beach County

These charges are brought about when a driver has caused the death of another person while driving a car with a known defect, in an impaired manner (under the influence), or in a reckless manner.

All types of manslaughter are punishable by up to 15 years in prison.  If the victim is a child a manslaughter conviction will carry a minimum of 13 years prison time.  If the victim is elderly the minimum prison time is 11 years.

Aggravated Manslaughter In Palm Beach County

Aggravated manslaughter occurs when the victim is a child, elderly, disabled adult, police officer, fireman, or rescue personnel.  Aggravated manslaughter is a first-degree felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

Get Criminal Defense Help In Palm Beach County For Manslaughter Today

If you have been charged with manslaughter and are found guilty you could be facing significant prison time.  It is imperative that you hire an expert criminal defense attorney as early as possible in the process.

Michael T. Rabideau is a dedicated criminal defense attorney.  He will work with the prosecuting attorney in an attempt to get your charges reduced or even dropped.  To schedule a free consultation with Michael, call his office today:  (561) 820-4848


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