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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer, Michael Rabideau has proudly been serving the South Florida community for over 20 years. If you’ve been charged with a crime in West Palm Beach or any South Florida community, you need to seek out the help of a skilled criminal lawyer right away. Your life may depend on your defense. A knowledgeable criminal attorney can help you navigate the legal system and work to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Michael T. Rabideau and his team have years of experience handling criminal cases in South Florida. Whether you’re facing charges for DUI/DWI, drug possession, theft, or another type of offense, we can assist you in fighting your case and protecting your rights.

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Whether it’s your first offense or a repeated violation, being charged with a crime can be extremely stressful and scary. If you’ve been arrested in West Palm Beach or any South Florida community, Michael T. Rabideau is a skilled criminal attorney who has years of experience representing clients in courts throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County. He understands the ins and outs of the legal system and knows how to build a strong defense on your behalf. Attorney Rabideau and his will work tirelessly to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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Being accused of a crime affects your quality of life and those around you in numerous ways. From your employment to educational opportunities, your reputation and freedom are all at stake.

What Happens After An Arrest In West Palm Beach | South Florida?

During an arrest, the police may search you and/or your belongings. They may also impound your vehicle. It’s important to know that you have rights during this process and that anything you say can and will be used against you in court. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced criminal lawyer in your corner.

You will be fingerprinted and booked. You may be put into a holding cell or taken to the local police station’s processing area for further interrogation and investigation.

If it is your first offense, you will likely be able to post bail in order to secure release from custody. If not, you may have to wait several hours or even days before being released while the courts consider the merits of your case.

Regardless of what stage you are at during this process, it is critical that you contact Michael T. Rabideau right away so he can begin building your defense strategy and ensuring that your legal rights aren’t violated along the way.

Protecting Your Rights When Faced With Criminal Charges In West Palm Beach | South Florida

Rabideau Law will protect your rights and help you navigate the legal system so that you can get back to life as normal. They will work with you and review all of the evidence against you so that they can build a defense on your behalf. They understand how scary and frustrating it can be to deal with criminal charges, and they want to ease some of the stress by fighting for what’s right in court.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime in West Palm Beach, Broward County, or any South Florida community, contact Michael T. Rabideau today for a consultation at (561) 820-4848.


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