What You Need to Know About the Effect and Prosecution of White Collar Crimes

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Criminal Defense Attorney

What Is A White-Collar Crime?

Typically, white-collar crimes are used to define a broad range of activities that involve economic or financial gain obtained illegally.

There are many different crimes that fall into this category including:

  • mortgage broker fraud,
  • bribery,
  • insurance fraud,
  • wire fraud,
  • computer fraud,
  • identity theft,
  • and tax evasion.

In many of these cases, white-collar crimes go undetected for many years but maybe uncovered by government investigation or a whistleblower.

Many people believe that because of the less than violent nature of white-collar crimes that people are convicted of these charges should not face serious consequences and criminal charges.

Financial Losses

On the contrary, many cases, these allegations of white-collar crime may involve allegations of loss of thousands of dollars of hard-earned money for other people and some businesses may have to file bankruptcy because of it. As a result, you may be facing federal charges depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.

Substantial Impact Of White-Collar Crimes

It is estimated that the annual cost of white-collar crimes is over $3 billion. Because of the substantial impacts of white-collar crimes and the fact that they have become more reported on in the media in recent years, many regulations have been enacted to allow authorities to carry out investigations and to pursue white-collar crime charges zealously.

This could mean that you find yourself in the midst of a white-collar criminal investigation without having any necessary background to protect yourself or an awareness of how this could affect your life for many years to come.

Protecting Your Future

Any crime is serious and could lead to time in prison or simply a criminal record that follows you around. For that reason, you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately because of the impacts of white-collar crime and its subsequent conviction may follow you for many years to come.

Experienced White-Collar Defense

You deserve to have the insight of an experienced attorney at your side when you find yourself in this difficult situation. When you have a good lawyer on your side from the moment you’ve been accused, your chances of avoiding a serious problem and record are decreased. You need to move quickly to protect yourself, contact me for experienced Criminal Defense guidance today.