Why Does Everyone Plead Not Guilty?

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Why Does Everyone Plead Not Guilty?

Posted on : June 15, 2017
Pleading Guilty Criminal Defense Attorney Michael T. Rabideau

Have you watched the news and heard that a defendant, with evidence of guilt, plead not guilty?

You probably asked yourself, “Why Does Everyone Plead Not Guilty?”.  Sometimes it can seem that we live in a world where no one wants to take accountability for their actions, but there’s a reason a defendant pleads not guilty initially.

When a person has been arrested, there will be a hearing called an arraignment.  At the arraignment, a defendant has the opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty.  An attorney will instruct the client to plead not guilty the majority of the time because each and every angle and aspect of the case must be analyzed.  Most times, the information about the facts of the case will not be available at the arraignment and therefore, an attorney will not know what evidence the State Attorney may have that will implicate the defendant.  Discovery, which consists of any police reports, witness statements, videos, confessions, etc., is not available until many weeks after the arrest took place.  The defense attorney must examine any and all information carefully before being able to advise the client whether or not he or she should plead guilty or proceed to trial.

The legal process is often complex and lengthy, which is why it’s important to have an experienced and dedicated attorney, such as attorney Michael T. Rabideau, on your side.  Mr. Rabideau has handled hundreds of cases and understands the need to examine all the facts and reports before advising a client of any outcome and will almost always advise the need to plead not guilty at the time of arraignment.  The client’s rights and record are of the utmost importance and he works hard to ensure that his clients achieve the most favorable outcome.

So the next time you’re watching the news and you hear the words, “the defendant pled not guilty”, don’t be surprised and know that an attorney, such as Michael T Rabideau, is working behind the scenes to protect their client and waiting for all the relevant facts before making any determinations.

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