Am I Being Criminally Investigated By the Police?

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Most of the time, a criminal investigation takes place after the arrest of a suspect. However, sometimes police may try to build a case against someone before they can or do issue an arrest warrant. This is often the case when the police can potentially charge a suspect with multiple crimes. 

Here’s how to know if you’re being criminally investigated by law enforcement in Florida and how to get legal help after being arrested. 

Do You Legally Have to Be Informed of a Pre-File Investigation? 

The police do not specifically have to tell you that you are being investigated. They have the legal authority to search their databases for information on you and may obtain additional information depending on the crime for which you are being investigated.  

Indicators of a Potential Police Investigation 

Some potential indicators that you are being subjected to law enforcement investigation include: 

  • Police coming to your home to ask questions. 
  • Police visiting your home with a search warrant. 
  • You see police at your workplace and/or other places you frequent. 
  • Police appear to be surveilling or tailing you. 
  • You often see unmarked black SUVs or vans parked outside your home or workplace. 
  • You get suspicious friend requests or DMs on social media. 
  • Your family members or friends say they have been contacted by the police about you. 

Remember Your Rights 

It’s important that you remember you still have rights even before you get arrested. You always have the right to remain silent during any interactions with law enforcement, both before and after you are taken into custody. Police may not conduct a search of your home, vehicle, or person without first having a warrant or probable cause. If they execute a search anyway, any evidence found may be inadmissible in a court of law. 

You also have the right to legal representation during a criminal investigation. You do not have to wait until you are arrested to call a lawyer and you shouldn’t. If the police are showing up and asking questions, it’s time to get legal help. 

Contact a Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Today 

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