What You Need to Know About How Innocent Defendants Handle Criminal Charges

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you recently been accused of a crime, but you know that you are innocent? If so, your willingness to hire the right criminal defense attorney in conjunction with the way that you handle your response to the charges can have a significant impact on your ability to avoid criminal consequences.

Unfortunately, even a prosecutor with good intentions can mistakenly file charges against innocent suspects. Innocent defendants may want to know what they can do to avoid a conviction and this is a natural response for anyone who is facing criminal allegations. When a case comes across the desk of a prosecutor who is ultimately responsible for generating a filing decision, in most of these cases the only information available is in the form of a police report. This has limited information particularly if it is a preliminary police report.

Additionally, police reports can often get facts confused or wrong because of lies or misstatements by witnesses or by bias or errors that were carried out on part of the officers. Potentially minor facts could be easily misrepresented in a police report, but this could lead to major problems in the event that you end up being the one accused. If the charges are serious, there is always the possibility of going to trial, but you will need a criminal defense attorney to map a compelling strategy to avoid being convicted.

Criminal trials are expensive, risky and stressful. This is why it is often the method of an experienced criminal defense attorney to intervene as soon as possible and to illustrate to the prosecution that the strength of the facts on their side are not powerful enough to lead to a conviction or to make sense to pursue in court. The right lawyer is a necessary and crucial advocate for you as you move through the system.

Make sure you equip yourself with all the facts and the best knowledge of the situation before you move forward with a fight back against the prosecution.