DUI Involving Minors In The Vehicle

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Criminal Defense Attorney, DUI

Consequences Of A DUI Involving A Child

Any individual accused of a DUI in Florida faces serious charges if they’re convicted, however, the actual penalties might be even greater if there were children in the vehicle at the time of the stop. This is due to the fact that the DUI offense is compounded by minors thereby requiring additional charges and penalties, the result of which is a mandatory ignition interlock device as well as possible jail time in addition to other serious penalties.

As a result, you face the likelihood of imprisonment and augmented fines, in addition, the obligatory installation of an ignition interlock device on vehicles. Any person in Florida may be charged with enhanced penalties attributable to having a minor within the vehicle at the time of the alleged offense.

Control Of The Vehicle

The driver must be shown to have been in physical possession of the vehicle while also meeting the criteria that they either had a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or were under the explicit influence of any chemical substances or alcoholic beverages to the extent that their ability to drive the vehicle safely might have been impaired. Regardless of whether or not this is a first, second or third DUI, a minor greatly elevates the charges.


For a first conviction, you are looking at up to nine months in jail and a fine as high as $2000. A second conviction will be incremental and you could face up to 12 months in prison as well as fines upwards of $4000. For a 3rd or consecutive DUI, the fines can go up to $5000 and the possibility of an increased prison sentence.

Defenses To The Charges

Only an experienced Florida DUI Attorney can give you unique options that may be available to your individual set of circumstances. There may be a defense as to wither there were grounds for you to be stopped in addition to questioning if the observations made by law enforcement were accurate among other defense strategies.

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