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How Can I Get My Mugshot Off the Internet?

Posted on : July 8, 2017
Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael T. Rabideau
Have you been recently arrested and saw that your mugshot is now all over the Internet? Not only is such a discovery embarrassing, but can have lifetime consequences with a simple Google search. If that’s happened to you, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I get my mugshot off the Internet?” Unfortunately, mugshots and booking [Read More]

Why Does Everyone Plead Not Guilty?

Posted on : June 15, 2017
Pleading Guilty Criminal Defense Attorney Michael T. Rabideau
Have you watched the news and heard that a defendant, with evidence of guilt, plead not guilty? You probably asked yourself, “Why Does Everyone Plead Not Guilty?”.  Sometimes it can seem that we live in a world where no one wants to take accountability for their actions, but there’s a reason a defendant pleads not [Read More]