When Is Drinking & Driving a Federal Criminal Offense? 

by | Jan 31, 2022 | DUI

Federal Drinking And Driving 

Drunk driving is treated seriously in the state of Florida, whether or not you are on federal property. However, if you are, you will be charged under a different set of laws than someone who was charged with a DUI on state property. Here’s what to know about federal drinking and driving laws and how you can get the legal help you need after a drunk driving arrest. 

When Driving While Intoxicated Becomes a Federal Issue 

Drunk or drugged driving becomes a federal issue when someone is stopped and arrested for a DUI on federal lands, such as an airport, a post office, or a national park. It’s a common misconception that drunk driving on the national property is penalized more harshly than a state DUI right out of the gate just because it was federal. In reality, the punishments you face will be determined by factors like how inebriated you were or whether or not you were catastrophically negligent. 

Understanding the Penalties and Possible Defenses  

Although state laws may differ, U.S. criminal code dictates that drunk driving on federal property is a misdemeanor, Class B to be specific. A conviction results in no more than six (6) months in prison and no more than a $5,000 fine. 

When you meet with a DUI defense lawyer, you will discuss potential defense strategies that may be used to negotiate a plea deal or have evidence that could be held against you dismissed. A common tactic used by attorneys is to attack the validity of the evidence in their hands, such as breath test results or even the entire stop. 

If the police didn’t have probable cause to pull you over, your case may be dismissed. Or, if they failed to conduct breath or sobriety tests properly, these results may be withheld, making it harder for criminal prosecutors to obtain a successful conviction against you.

Get In Contact With a Criminal Defense Attorney Quickly for the Best Results 

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