What to Do If You Are Under Investigation for A Federal Crime

by | Mar 11, 2018 | Criminal Defense Attorney

Do you think you’re already under investigation for a federal crime?

Time is of the essence and you need to act quickly to protect yourself.

Being accused of a federal crime is an experience that can unnerve anyone. But understanding how to proceed could protect your rights and ensure that you get appropriate criminal representation. A federal investigation is usually the first step in the federal criminal justice process. The goals of the government’s investigation are to identify whether or not a federal crime has been committed, who could be responsible and the evidence related to the crime. In some cases, a federal investigation is started by the filing of a crime report but it might also have to do with information that law enforcement agents get from defendants in pending criminal cases.

Law enforcement agents are the crucial actors in a federal investigation. You may hear directly from one of these law enforcement agents that you are under investigation. A federal prosecutor will also be assigned to work with these agents to provide them with legal guidance. It is not uncommon for multiple federal agencies to be involved in the pursuit of a federal investigation.

Federal and law enforcement agents have a number of different types of investigative techniques that they can use, including wiretapping the suspect’s phone, conducting witness interviews, reviewing a suspect’s financial documents, recording consensually monitored conversations, monitoring online activities of the suspect, or executing search warrants and analyzing the materials that have been obtained.

The primary goal of this investigation is to get a federal indictment and security conviction. Because law enforcement agents at the federal level have big advantages in terms of training, expertise and resources over the typical defendant, it is important to retain a knowledgeable Florida federal criminal defense attorney to help you put together a strategy that keeps your best interests in mind and avoid common mistakes and errors typically made by people who do not understand the severity and the stakes involved in a federal case. Your lawyer needs to intervene quickly.