What Is the Difference Between Manslaughter and Murder in Florida?

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Criminal Defense Attorney

Accused of a violent crime? You can’t afford to wait no matter how shocked you are to have been put in the hot seat. Even if the police have made a mistake, you can’t leave this situation up to chance. You need to take your case seriously and consider speaking with a knowledgeable lawyer.

One of the most complicated aspects of being accused of a crime in the state of Florida is understanding the fine distinctions between the circumstances identified by the police officers and the type of charge lodged. There are obvious distinctions between misdemeanors and felonies, but another important distinction when it comes to criminal defense law is ighdifferent between manslaughter and murder in the state of Florida.

Small issues inside your case could highlight why the police officers chose to charge you with manslaughter versus murder or vice versa. Many people mistakenly are under the impression that if an individual is killed due to the actions of another person, this is murder. However, this is a misconception and is inaccurate.

If you took another person’s life you could be facing multiple criminal charges. Murder refers to the unlawful killing of another individual with what is known as ‘malice aforethought’. This means that you have the intention to kill someone involving some level of premeditation.

Manslaughter, however, involves the illegal killing of another person without intent or malice. The punishment upon conviction for manslaughter is still serious but is much less severe than a murder conviction. In Florida, you could be charged with second degree or first-degree murder. Felony murder could be charged even if you did not ultimately kill the individuals.

Second degree murder is often charged in cases in which there is no evidence that you intended to kill another person. To understand the three types of manslaughter and two degrees of murder that you could be charged in your Florida case, you need to retain a Florida criminal defense attorney immediately to evaluate the next steps.

Collecting evidence and putting together a defense strategy are vital if you have already been accused of murder or manslaughter. The time is now to get help.