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stalking charges in west palm beach

Repeated contact with another person which serves no legitimate purpose and causes emotional distress to another party can result in stalking charges.

These charges are typically treated as first degree misdemeanors.  However, if a threat was made then the charges escalate to aggravated stalking, which is a third-degree felony and carries a possible punishment of up to 5 years in prison.

Circumstances In A Stalking Case

There are circumstances under which a person may be motivated to make stalking charges even if the accusations are not backed by credible evidence.  Often times such accusations are made in the middle of a custody battle, divorce, or even for financial reasons.

Short-Term Relationships

And sometimes even short-term relationships can result in one person charging another for stalking.  When relationships end in a bad way it is not uncommon for someone to use stalking charges as a way of getting back at the other party.

Stalking allegations can also occur between people who were never romantically involved including between neighbors, roommates, friends, and even business associates.

Get Help With Your Palm Beach Stalking Charges Today

If you have been charged with stalking it is important that you defend your rights with the help of an experienced defense attorney.

Michael T Rabideau is a dedicated criminal defense attorney.  He can negotiate with the prosecuting attorney in an attempt to reduce or even have your charges dismissed.  To schedule a free consultation with Michael, call his office today:  (561) 820-4848


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