How Does An Out-Of-State DUI Affect My Florida License?

by | May 31, 2019 | DUI

Out-Of-State DUI Charges

Very often individuals move onto the next phase of their life and whether it is through means of travel, or relocation, they find themselves moving through another state, in this case, Florida.

Transferring Your License

It is relatively easy to transfer your license over to Florida and at $48.00, the cost is very minimal.  All of this depends on the condition of the license you are transferring over.  If you have a record on your license for a DUI Charge in another state, be prepared to deal with the effects of that charge and suspension here in Florida.

Small Window Of Transfer

It takes a short amount of time for your DUI Charge to appear on your record as well as the eventual license suspension that will follow in another state.  You may be in the eye of a small window where you immediately transfer your license over to Florida. This is not recommended as the out-of-state suspension can and will resurface.  If by some luck, that transfer goes through prior to your motor-vehicle record being updated to reflect a suspension here on the Florida end, you may be able to drive, but for how long?

Renewing Your License

As mentioned above, you may be able to go ahead and transfer your license over to Florida in that window of time that it takes to get your DMV record updated, however, come time for renewal and you will no doubt be denied. The denial will arise out of a hold that the Florida DMV will see on their system from the state that reported an outstanding issue on their end.  Some time will have elapsed between the time you transferred your license and the time you check back in to renew your license, or even replace a lost or misplaced license.  When that day comes, Florida will not be able to remind you of what charges, tickets or suspensions are on your license from the other state, they will provide you with the contact information and it will be up to you to cure the issue with that other state. Once you have cured the issue with the other state Florida can then issue a license or renew a license.

Honoring Out Of State Suspensions

It is very possible that Florida will honor an out-of-state license suspension so, be mindful of any out of state fees, fines or charges and get ahead of those as early as possible to avoid losing your driving privileges in the state of Florida. You will not be eligible for a Hardship License in Florida for charges originating out-of-state and, in all likelihood, you will not be eligible for a Hardship License in the state that you were charged in as an out-of-state resident. Should you need further information or advise, it is a good idea to speak with an experienced DUI Attorney to learn more about what options may be available to you.